10" vinyl available via bandcamp

Independent American singer Georgio Valentino’s first release in four years, Lines of Flight is out on limited edition 10”. The eight-song set traces Valentino’s steps from early musical retirement (“I can do something different with my life, something clean”) back into the near limelight of indie rock quasi-anonymity. In the interim, after a decade in Brussels, Valentino had returned to his native Florida, working odd jobs until taking the helm of Jacksonville’s alternative weekly newspaper. Then, when a certain novel coronavirus grounded air traffic, he found himself stranded on vacation in Athens, Greece. Not only did he choose to remain in pandemic exile, but Valentino took the opportunity to revert to type. He cobbled up a makeshift home studio to replace his forsaken Florida gear, and reached out to erstwhile boon companions in Europe, Australia and the U.S.

Lines of Flight was created in collaboration with Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon), Mick Harvey (The Birthday Party, PJ Harvey), Craig Walker (Archive), David McClymont (Orange Juice), Malcolm Ross (Josef K), Dave Graney and Clare Moore (The Moodists), Buko Pan Guerra (Swords of Fatima), Joel Alexander Stephens and Jason Irvin (Them Bad Boys), Gavin Fraser (Boots for Dancing, Spectorbullets), Emmanuele Gattuso and Sissy Kotsoni, and introduces Artemis Apostolakou. The album was mastered by George Scordilis at SoundMachine Athens, and features an original sleeve by French artist Camille Marceau.

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